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Wednesday, 16 January 2008


While I was checking some drafts in my cellphone, I found this quotation about words. I forgot where I copy this from. But it just caught my attention because there are situations that I can relate to this.

"WORDS - so innocent and powerless as they are, as astounding in the dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them" By: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nine years ago a sweet friend of mine ask me to sign her slum book. On the message section, I wrote " Thank you for letting me sign your cute slum book. I'm impresses the etc etc.." She told me I should use the word flattered instead of impressed. I explain that I'm just impressed because it's cute and creative, but she insisted on using "flattered". I feel bad because it bothered her why I didn't use "flattered". I could have just used flattered..yeah flattered so be it..why not???

Then 9 years later, the same sweet friend of mine. In my friendster account I wrote a Thank you note in the bulletin board thanking all the people who pray for my Mom's successful surgery. I thank them because my mom survived in a Nephrectomy operation and she's doing great. Then I got a message with the heading "My Dearest Sympathy", all of sudden my nerves are shaking, because as far as I knew my mom's is doing fine already, then I quickly read thru the rest of her letter. She said she sympathize on what happen to my mom and for the ordeals she's been thru but She's glad to hear that she's okay now. ah what a relief....with the word sympathy, it sounds freaky to me so I really deleted it. But I really appreciate her letter, she's such a sweet friend, and I know what she meant, that's what it all matters.

In fairness to my friend, she does use the right word as it also mean in the dictionary as support,pity etc's just that it oftentimes refer to something freaky for me.

I love this friend of mine that no matter how she composed her lines, I always understand because I knew her inside and out. She's Beautiful!

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