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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Blogging and Diet

Wow this blogging thing will help me loss weight. Yesterday, I wake early before the children gets up so I could update my blogs. It was already 8 A.M. when I ralize that I'm hungry, because I'm busy I just grabbed a 12 grain bread and milk, and thawed some ground beef because I decided to maka spaghetti for lunch.
Usually when I woke I will go right away to the kitchen and cook heavy breakfast like sinigang,or fried Daing na Bangus or Mongo. But now I'm busy to do that.
This is good, hmm maybe if I do this all the time, less rice I might loss pounds. Wow I love that! well, good luck to me.


Liza said...

hehe, marami talagang naaaddict sa blogging eh. pero sana ako rin madiet hihi.

ingat and have a nice day.

A Simple Life

Anonymous said...

na ako gin, oneday one eat man unta ko pero nidako man gihapon ko. ingon pa si mama was na sya kaila sakoa, akong mga manghod gipangayo nakong mga sanina nahibilin sa davao kay dili na kuno maigo sakoa he he he...


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