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Monday, 3 December 2007

Happy Birthday Glen!

I've been saying this phrase over and over again, TIME FLIES SO FAST, but it's really true. Today my brother Glen is already twenty two years old. He's the middle child. A lot of people said that he's different from us, as they tagged him as the "black sheep". Well it took him forever to finish high school, jumping from one school to another. Private and Public. Headaches, stress and all that stuff we experience it from him. BUT he might be a headache but when that moment that we need his help he is there for all of us. When my mom have a kidney operation he was the one whose there for her. He took good care of my mom so well. Where are we?I'm here in the states, Genesis at work, can't be with mom all time 'coz he's working, our father in the farm. And he don't want Papa to witness mom's ordeal because he don't want him to be stress. He did a great job. All of us are so proud of him. He's now a mature twenty two years old. And I'm so fortunate for having him as a brother!

I love you Glen Jay!Happy Birthday!

Glen with his drinking buddy (bro-in-law Lee)

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