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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Got Mail!

I remember 20 years ago when the Internet is not so popular yet at least for me, there's no friendster, and mobile messaging is not quite common or in fact not yet available. But now when you want to keep in touch with your friends, just email, text or check in the How convenient and fast.

But when you receive a SNAIL MAIL, it's different. Yesterday I received I snail mail from my parents and sister. Papa wrote a 3 pages letter for us. And as always, I'm always proud of his handwriting, it's very neat and nice and of course the way he composed letters, he's very good at that. Well he used to write in his school paper when he was in college. He was the one helping me make my speeches when I was in High School. Pardon me, but I'm just a a proud daughter of a very wonderful hardworking man. My mom on the other hand, wrote a very heartwarming letter for me. I was teary eyed while I was reading it. And as usual, my mom still very compassionate and sweet. Then my sister, she gave me a picture during her last year's JS prom wearing the dress that I gave to her and her recent photo as a cheerleader. She's so beautiful, am she doesn't look like me hehe. She's got a nice color in her skin like a mestiza, and got a slender body like my mom.Pardon me again, I'm a proud sister!.

They wrote us letters to thank us for our Christmas gifts. We already talked on the phone a lot of times already, texted and emailed. But reading their snail mail, the feeling is different, it's more personal and real. And I will gonna keep them, and read them over and over again.


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