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Friday, 5 October 2007

Eric is now THREE

It seems like yesterday when I gave birth to my wonderful son Eric, now he's already three months old.How time flies! reallllllllly fast.

He smile in response to my smile, other than crying he also vocalize like cooing. Now he can lift his head 90 degrees while on stomach and he can roll over too one way.

Since I'm a hands on mom I can really monitor he's progress from being a cute but unresponsive blob to an increasingly active and alert tiny person. And it just fascinates me, the feeling is so overwhelming. Sometimes when I'm in the kitchen, all of a sudden I could hear him squeal in delight and laughing out loud all the way from his bedroom.

It's one of the reasons also why I want to take of my kids by myself. The fun and enjoyment I share with them is priceless. I want to be there with them before they started going to school. Because by that time they don't have much time for mommy anymore as much as they used to.
At one point I'm tempted to go back to work or pursue the nursing program but it's not gonna work. It's just so hard for me to be separated from them for a number of hours.

Well, anyways, as I often said, time flies so I better enjoy this time with my kids before they became independent.

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