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Thursday, 19 July 2007

De Javu

From breastfeeding, diaper change interrupted sleeps, doctor visits; the usual routine of chlid rearing are basically almost the same. It's like a De Javu. Although every baby is unique, they still have the same similarities as in needs, the number of times they breatfed, the common reason why they cry: hungry or wet bottom, they still go thorugh plenty of diapers. Some people would would say that it's easier the second time around. As for me , I admit I'm more rehearsed now than before.

The only thing that I don't have much right now is time. I'm lucky to have an hour "me"time. Right now I'm kinda relax because my hubby is here for me. He's on a 12 week family leave, that help a lot while I'm recuperating. But still, most of the time I'm the one who's taking care of the kids, he just basically do the household chores, grocery shopping and some errands. But still whenever the baby sleeping, I need to spend time with Stephanie. I need to make her feel that she's still very important so that she won't get jealous . So whenever I get chance I accompany her watching tv, play basketball with her dad in the garage or we just eat together. I let her hold the baby and she's happy to throw his soiled diaper also.

As soon as my hubby will go back to work, back to the reality for me. I'm a bit apprehensive about me being alone with two kids. It's not that I'm scared about the stress or the hardwork doing everything by myself. I'm just worried that I couldn't met the demands of my children especially when it comes to eating. I don't want either one of them get starved or left unaattended. Although it seems like a DeJavu for me but still I'm hoping it's going to be as manageable as before. Hubby wants me to get a baby's nanny, it's a good idea but I'll try being by myself first. We'll let's see.

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