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Friday, 28 November 2014

Getting Over

My daughter joined a tumbling and cheerleading class here in our town. The name of the group is Tsunami and All Starz. At first I was hesitant because one of the coaches seems rude but seems she's the daughter in law of one of my friends. I think Sophia started around June and for more than 5 months and she barely learn anything. I never got that chance to watch her practices all the time but my husband does. But he doesn't like it because he sees that they're not really helping the kids. So as much as possible I go and stay with Sophia on her practices and I did noticed that they're barely doing something on the 1 hour practice. The coaches seems not taking it seriously. They are talking most of the time. And yet we got more than $600 bill already, and we've been helping in the fundraising. I am thinking of pulling Sophia out of there. And the thought of how I have to tell them my concerns really me nervous because these people are so mean and I want to deal with them as nice as I can and hope they will somehow give me a break and let us go without any confrontations. There are many dance group that are nice. I heard about other group in town, I might check it out. Other dance group doesn't offer cheering competitions but also offer dance lessons just like wedding dance lessons santa monica , and many more. I'm really hoping I will find a good dance teacher for my daughter because I don't want her to dislike cheerleading for good.


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