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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Customer Service

I love mystery shopping. If given the chance to work in this company, I will do my best to be one of your best mystery shoppers.
 A customer wants a pair of shoe but we don't have his size. I offer to order from the other store and the customer was so pleased. I help a customer find her child who was lost out of her sight inside the store.
 I help a customer finding the right outfit for her wedding. It was memorable for me because I was able to help her find her dress.
 I assisted a customer in the checkout area by unloading and loading the products she bout.
 I helped a customer find the best shoes that is within her budget.
I was checking out  and the cashier didn't say hi to me. She didn't even look at me whole ringing my items and never gave a closing remark. That was not a good shopping experience.

A supreme customer service is being able to give the customer a satisfying shopping experience. It is also making the customer felt that they are important.

I maintain an online blog where I write about my personal and honest opinions about the products that I used.


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