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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


       Explore more on musical/ visual path with Livid Base, a combine technology of drum machine and touch screen. Base deliver a sleeks new pressure sensitive surface that double up the MPC's fabled 16 pads. It has a 32 pressure sensitive pads, nine touch sliders, eight touch sensitive buttons and eight momentary buttons. There's plenty of control to play and control your set. It also provide plenty of novel ways to give you feed back, for playing drum, changing preset, and even navigating your set. This is powered by single USB cable with RGB back light.

       Available now in Musician's Friends is the livid base at musicians friend. Its price is $ 399.00. If you can have this superb and portable instrument, you'll be completely satisfied for its high quality and unique performance. This is designed to work with any software that support MIDI, and doesn't require the use of any special driver. For more details visit Musician's


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