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Friday, 8 November 2013

My Window Gardening

    I love plants, and I want to plant especially vegetables and flowers. But we have no vacant space in our home, so I've to go to window gardening. I bought pots and garden soil. I planted it with a variety of vegetable and flowers. I utilized the space in every sides of our house.

     It's very inspiring to see that the plants were growing so vigorously. Tomatoes and pepper bears plenty of fruits, potatoes produce large tubers, as will as the onions are growing will too. The flowers are blooming with plenty and attractive flowers.

     At the start of the fall, I've observed that some of the plants could not survive, such as the tomatoes and pepper but still the other, with a tiny and needle leaves like onion and parsley can withstand during cold weather.

      With our window gardening it reduces our daily kitchen budget, with a truly fresh vegetables and flowers as will.


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