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Monday, 25 November 2013

Last Appeal

with love, Gina

      I was touched by the story, as part of the homily of Fr. Adam in the observance of Christ The King. The story of the servant of the king who served in his whole life, 24/7. He did no other job  except to served the king. He even give no time to his family, nor a single hour to pray to God. Time come that he suffer a severe illness that he felt that that was the end of his life. He appeal to the king for an extension to his life, so that he can continue to served him.

      The king replied, (I will give all what you want, except your request for an extension of your life , which I have no power to do.) The only king that could grant your request is Jesus Christ who is the source of our life. The king that even a single hour he didn't served. The servant died with a regret to himself, that he didn't served the true king who died on the cross for our salvation.

      I realized that I myself, many times, I took aside the service to God, instead I gave priority to the material things, such as money, entertainment, and pleasure. I forgot to praise His kindness and His beautiful creations, and to give thank for His countless blessing. We have to realize that all these material things that we seek will only past away after this life.


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