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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dancer Gifts

      We were planning to give gifts to our deserving children in our place, to encourage them to develop their talent and abilities that will promote the welfare of our community as will as for themselves. The group that we choice to be given the priority is the is the Children Choral Group and at the same time the Liturgical Dancer in our parish.

        We were thinking it over with my wife, which item, will we offer to them, a gift which is not expensive but with a great value. My daughter suggested us to view on the   dancer gifts at ballet gift shop. We were very thankful to find out that there are the perfect gifts and excellent quality available in different category. Among of the huge selection of gift items, we prefer the liturgical dancer (pin back button) because it has a significant value for them. Their names will be printed on it. This will served as a nice souvenir for them. I believe they will be impress of it especially there is a mark, made in USA. You know, in the Philippines, if you use or wear a product or received a gift mark made in USA, they are very proud of it. What is in their mind is a superior quality. They always say, (Wow made in USA).

         As of now, I want to get the individual name of the group, so that their names will be printed on it. They are more than a dozen members, so I'll qualify for your quantity discount offer. I'll send my order as soon as possible.


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