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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Printing Wholesale

with love, Gina

       The advancement of the modern technology in printing is key factor for Zoo Printing to successfully provide and supply the needs of all their clients in printing industry. With their versatile EFI Vutek digital super wide printer which can deliver a quality and high level speed, this increase the capacity, reduce labor, and minimize waste. Almost all the major printing  activities are done by this machine, so that the cost of production is minimized, and that they could offer to their costumers, the lowest possible price with the best and quality products.

     With this integrated system, it enhance their clients for the opportunity to yield a quick return on investment by delivering superior image quality system performance, color management, reliability and durability.

      Zoo Printing is offering the largest selection of offsets and digital products in the market today. As a printing wholesaler they provide their costumers more than the lowest price and many different services, such as direct mail, local delivery, services to their loyal costumers, by their discount price offered to them, the more they purchase the more they saved. They have also the reward program, every item there is a point. For every purchase made bring you closer to your reward.


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