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Friday, 7 June 2013

Pool Heater

       Buying electric pool heater is so challenging, aside from the huge selection of brands and models they varies in price, from cheaper to mid-range and to expensive models. Usually it will come to our mind, that those expensive products might be the best, but there are also cheap model that will give a good performance and a longer service as that of the expensive one. Others prefers the mid-range price pool heater, because it usually do a fine a fine work if they are maintain properly.

        Some recommend Coates 1.5kw to 57kw for its energy efficiency, and for its quality and reliability  in heating equipment. They also likes Ray Pak 5.5 and 11kw unit for small pool spas, especially for salt application, because this a corrosion free, it is 100% copper and bronze water ways. This is proven for its performance and superior in quality.

        The best and safe option to buy electric pool heater is to shop at Pool Supply Unlimited, the dealer of the popular brand electric pool heaters  such as Coates, Ray Pak, Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac, Compo pool, FX, Agua Star and others. They have their excellent customer service as testified by their coming back customers.. Their staffs are very knowledgeable about their products because of the length of experienced in pool heating industry. They are very courteous and helpful and ready to assist you getting the best model that fit to your swimming pool.


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