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Saturday, 22 June 2013

M y Experience during my my stay in Sutter Coast Hospital

       At the start I was reluctant to admit myself to the hospital, because what is in my mind, is the financial, where shall I get the amount to pay the hospital bill. I've heard about the high medical cost and the professional services as will. My daughter advised me for a medical check-up. So we went to Community Health Center. The doctor there referred me to Sutter Coast Hospital for immediate treatment. I've nothing to do except to follow the doctor's advised, because I felt already that my pain was getting worse. When we reached to the hospital we proceeded directly to the emergency room. I
 was given an immediate attention by the hospital staffs. After I was check , I was given a medication and took me to a private room. An hour after I was given another medication for my  diagnostic procedure for CT scan and colonoscopy. After I complied the prescribe procedure they took me for CT scan and followed by colonoscopy.

         I was surprised, because as what I experienced in the Philippines is we have to pay for a down payment before a treatment is given especially for a high medical cost. I've observed that all they staffs especially the nurses and the physician are all friendly and courteous. I was treated  and provided all the necessary requirements without mentioning about the payment. From the luxurious and comfortable room every things are available for our comfort. Right in the bedside is the push button emergency call where in just a second, they nurses or staffs will avail for your need. From time to time nurses and staffs will always monitor our situation.

       But in the Philippines there are hospitals not to disgrace them, but this is the truth, if you have a patient, you have to become mad, before your patient will be attended. We will be waiting long time for the nurses to assist us. These are the bad image of the attending staffs, as if they are not concerned of the patient's welfare. Money is their primary concern. Because of their self interest, they set aside their duties and responsibilities of their profession.

        Here in USA, all the patients are given  equal services, no discrimination, their genuine services is worth for a high cost. The hospital bill is made later, after you are discharged. Unlike to the Philippines that you have to clear all the account before the patient will be discharge.


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