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Sunday, 5 May 2013

CAO Bella Vanilla Cigarillo

with love, Gina
       This famous exclusive brand 5/10 cigar from CAO brand group has achieved a high rating from their customers of 88%.  Most customers of Famous Smoke prefer CAO Bella Vanilla Cigarillo because of its sweet flavor, smooth, burn is even, pleasure to smoke and aromatic. This cigar has achieve its great taste because it is flavored with the highest quality vanilla beans from Madagascar, the source of the finest of the world vanilla. Then wrapped in exotic Cameroon leaves.
      If you seek a hearty, flavored premium cigar CAO Bella Vanilla is sure to please you. Purchase now , for they are offering a discount price. The retail price of a pack of 50 at $82.55 is now sold at $ 47.99. So take this opportunity. Visit Famous Smoke Shop the secure retailer of the finest cigar at the web site price.


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