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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

It is That Bad but Not Really

This morning I woke up late like around eight o'clock. I feel bad because I wasn't able to help my kids. I was even excited last night because I bought new pants. Oh my kids, they are growing so fast. There are so many clothes that they have outgrown already. Anyways, I ate breakfast a lil after eight and started studying about nine o'clock. Oh it's our review week because our finals will be next week so I am basically all caught up. Then I realized it's almost 10. Time flies so fast so I decided to make a time schedule where I write down what time I have to get ready for school, what time I'm going to the pharmacy and what time I have to go to work in the apparel. That's how crazy my crazy is. It sounds bad, but I thank God because I have a lot of help. Our home is immaculate and clean because my parents clean it all the time. So if ever I have a lil time of rest, I can just sit down and watch TV or play with youngest daughter, Sophia. Then I have my husband who always run errands for me. So everything turns out great.


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