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Friday, 11 January 2013

Father's Blog

While I'm in my vacation here in California,USA I spent my time in reading blogs and scanning face books and this inspired me to secure a web site so that I will be able to connect my friends,relatives ,schoolmates and to the especial people in my life especially to those who are far away from me .I hope that through this site we be able to communicate and know our present situation.We can also share our views and ideas of what is going on .I'm happy and willing to share this page to all of as,especially to the Hilot community, to Mario Hilot who successfully organized the Hilot Community.I'm very thankful to Lee and Gina Peters by providing me a new PC so that I could work on this project.
To Agriculture and Fisheries Market Information System (AFMIS) of Dept. of Agriculture who successfully posted the Directory w/ Buyers /Sellers. I'm happy that finally, this long our awaited marketing strategy have now come up .This is the fruit of the previous series of consultation by the vegetable /fruit growers and other farmers together with the DA personnel,government officials and other concerned NGOs regarding marketing strategies .
If they will permit me to post this information in my blog and face book, I'm willing to tag or down load every updated information from AFMIS to help disseminate to the concerned individual ,groups or association and to cooperatives.
But before I'll go to the next post , I'll have to ask in advance for excuses if something goes wrong in my grammars and format of my write up .I need your understanding and consideration,because I'm not a professional or have a knowledge in writing . I'm merely a simple farmer. I spend most of my time in the farm. I always welcome any constructive criticism. Again this our space, Let's share this page.Thanks........

Ignacio H.


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