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Friday, 14 December 2012

I Love Coffee

As a coffee grower I would like to share my little experiences and know how about the easy way to prepare a quality and premium coffee fee taste.
This process start in the harvesting of the coffee berries :
1) Harvest only the fully ripe berries
2)Apply the floating method by pouring the newly harvested coffee berries into a pan of water.
Segregate the floating berries ,get only the sinker
3)De pulp it in the pulping machine and repeat the floating method.
4)Immediately dry it into a suspended flat form.
5)When it get dry to 13 % MC (moisture content) it's time for milling
6)Segregate the broken beans, foreign bodies and other impurities.
7) Roast only the whole grain beans, to get uniform roast
8)Ground it in the grinding machine

This method maybe helpful for some user in preparing a premium ,flavored,aromatic taste.


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