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Monday, 19 November 2012

When is Enough is Enough

I have so many friends and I'm thankful for that. I'm the kind of person who loves to know different kinds of people. And I most of the time I became someone's elses bestfriend. When I become someone else's friend, I always give my best to become the kind of friend they want me to be. And it's not hard for me to do that because I do because I can tolerate different kinds of attitudes. At work, I was able to get along even to the so called "unfriendly boss". When I'm at work, I want to be happy so I can do my job well, I kinda blocked myself to the rude people so that I won't be affected. Then yesterday, I carpooled with my co-worker who was a very close friend of mind. Our PIC (person in charge) was mean to her. I symphatize with her but I can't be mean to the PIC, so we have some comversations and a few laughs even at work. It was quite a shock when my friend, left me because she thought that I was talking bad about her to the PIC. That was quite an accusation that really left me speechless. Because she was mad, I told her that I will not ride with her and that I have to call my husband to pick me up. It was so disappointing when she left a message in my phone, accusing of being guilty becasue I was mad. I just can't believe it. She drove away. It was raining so hard, and already past 10 pm.  She was upset because my boss was mean to her, but she should have not accuse me because I was riding with her. I end riding with her because I was scared and embarrassed to wait outside in the rain so I called her three times until she picked up my call. But until now I can't express how I felt. I just can't beleive.


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