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Friday, 9 November 2012


Sophia my three years old grandchild, the youngest of the three kids of my daughter Gina and Lee . At her age there are many things which I found from her which surprised me .Everyday she is with us together with her grandma , because her parents are always at work and her older brother and sister are going to school .
I'm quite optimistic about her curiosity of the things around. Her behaviour and attitude is like already to those of school children.Like for example , in answering telephone cellphone calls even though that she could communicate correctly for she still in stage of learning how to speak.She knew also how to use the cellphone and computer . One time I told her that the computer has a low battery, she then got a charger and charged it .When we walk across the street, she will hold our hands and guide us to cross the street , which is supposed to be we have to do it for her .When we ride a car she will remind us about the seat and worried belt. She already know how to ride a motor bike and bicycle .There are still many things that she did which is so amazing,such as selecting her dress custom for different occasion ,choosing the right foods and menu for the day.She want also to participate her brother in doing his homework.Sometimes she seems  to be naughty but when her grandma pretend that she is tired , she then asked for an apology. She says, " Sorry Lola, I love you". This is Sophia, cute and beautiful. The healer of our stress and homesickness.                                                                             


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