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Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Lover of Nature

                         It's wonderful and and amazing when a flock of big birds such as seagulls and crows , flock to the park and playground as if the want to play with the children.Children also enjoyed of following the birds and attempt to catch them. Birds and animals also knows that when the attempt to be near to any body and found out the are safe and free the have already the confidence to come back. The presence of wild life and plants in any place is a proof to believe that the people residing in that place is true lover of nature.
             In California ,particularly in Crescent City we conclude and feel that this good traits is found here.For particular reason that the city are surrounded with trees and beautiful plants and flowers  Fishes are abundant just on the seashore as will as lakes and rivers .Birds are very tame and wild animals such bear sometimes comedown to the city to look for food.Deers can be seen even in the highway so that car drivers should be careful in their way. 



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