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Friday, 21 September 2012

My first experience in America


It was 7 00 o'clock PM when we were about to land from flight PR 104 to San Francisco Internatiol l Airport ,as we looked down and saw the beautiful city of San Francisco.I observed  that rules and regulations are absolutely followed in every offices and traffics.Even thought that there streets are
wide enough  the are practicing on way route so that car accident is imimized.                                                                          .
             There stores are systematically organized that ease shoppers to find what they are looking
for.Saleslady and sales boy are courteous and ready to assist in our plan purchase. 
             I've also observed that people here are green loving as we can see many plants within the
city,Large areas of land is planted with trees which gives a scenic beauty especially in Crescent 
           I enjoyed observing the ocean front beach resort and wonderful big   rocks found within the


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