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Tuesday, 6 December 2011


This is it. I'm finally going back to school. I got most of the paperwork squared away. I did great in my assessment tests well except the "almighty English", as always :-(.  I'm just just excited because i was able to get a grant. It helps a lot. And I'm also nervous because I'm working and for sure I will  be busy as a one armed paper hanger. But I can do this. I will do my best because this is like an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I will study hard to get good grades so I will qualify for other scholarships. Today I'm going to the school to check the available classes. My program won't start till Spring but I will try to enroll the minors. I'm going to look into book bags also because I don't think my purse can carry those heavy books.

1 comment:

Pinay said...

Kumusta Gina? pasensya na dugay ko kabalik dri.

Maayo kay mag eskwela ka dnha pra better opportunities in the future dba.

God bless,


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