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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Busy As A Bee

I can't believe how times go by so fast. I wasn't even able to give all my Christmas cards. And the holiday is almost over. But I greeted everyone in my facebook list of friends. Although I honestly think that it's different when you handed the card or mail it yourself. It's more sweet and personal. I'm just so busy. I work late last week. And it's very busy at work. I can't imagine how many people shop in one day. I was called to cashier all the time. I'm just glad that I'm already familiar with the barcode scanner because I was really hesitant to use it before. When I began to use it. I had fun scanning items already. I like being a cashier but I love being in the apparel department too. Today, we have a big sale so it will still be very bus and I'm gonna do my own shopping too.

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