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Friday, 18 November 2011

Perfect Presents For The Holidays!

Next week is Thanksgiving day and there's the Black Friday. I'm pretty many people will be crowding in the stores that day. That's why I'm debating if I have to go shopping that day or not. I'm not at all excited. Every Black Friday, I overspent in my shopping and end up regretting afterwards. With our financial situation, I cannot splurge to something that is not necessary. But we'll see, it depends on my moods that day. My mind is focused on buying something for my mom and dad because I have a long list of overdue gifts for them. I want to give them the perfect gift. Knowing them, they are both homebody and they love to upgrade their house house all the time so I have a good idea of what to give them. First is for the kitchen,   art deco bathroooom accessories which include this nice lavatory faucet, a robe hook because they don't have one, and a tumbler holder. Second is for their bedroom.I picked an eight piece asian comforter set which is my mom's favorite. The style has maze of leaves. The set includes comforter, one or two shams, one or two European shams and three decorative pillows. I'm thinking of buying two or more comforter sets. Then last but not the least is a swimming pool. This project will depend on how much money we had left. My mom and dad won't be upset if they can't have this year. But I will still have them read through the pool sweep reviews so that they will know what kind of pool they want and how they can manage having a pool in the backyard.
All these gifts are available in It is an awesome site. It is like a big online department store where you can do your one stop shopping. And the best thing is their prices are very competitive and always on sale. So there's my holiday shopping and I had fun!

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