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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mud Flaps

My husband is a gear head. Like any men, their ride is like their second wife. My husband is like that. He loves his truck. He cleaned it all the time. If there's a single dent or scratch on his truck, he will have it fixed right away. In fairness his truck rocks. It's modified. He turned it into as old school style, from the size of the bed, the clutch, the tires and rims. His tires are awesome.And oh his lights are so cool too. He called it angel eyes. Every month he spent something for his truck. So one day, while driving in Highway 101, he got pull-overed by CHP police because his tires are so big and he was required to put mudflaps on it. Mud Flaps are Rock Tamers. Actually it helps a lot to prevent rocks from hitting your car or other people's car. He was so furious about because he assumed that it will ruined the look of his truck.
Good thing has a removable mud flap system which can be attached easily to any vehicle which is cool. I think it is necessary because it can provide protection to your truck. So my husband got one. I think he got a road sport mud flaps because when he got it installed on his truck, it looks so sleek and he doesn't bother taking it off anymore. Now he don't have to worry about being pull-overed again. There are actually different kids of mudflaps. It came in different shapes, styles and color. You can have it customized to match with your ride.


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