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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Fourth Of July Ideas

This year's fourth of July celebration was the best Independence celebration since I got here in America. During the past few years, my husband is always at work. Although I was able to joined the parade once but never got the chance to look around because I wasn't driving yet. This year all of us were able to spend time together. We put up a tent in the park and we barbecue. It was fun. The whole celebration was memorable most especially that it's my son's  4th birthday. He was having so much fun!
I also saw lots of different booths. The Filipinos has their own booths. But next time, it would be very nice if they will use a unique trade show flooring just like in the picture. I think it speaks a lot about our country.

 When we are trying to put up an exhibit, use a fantastic trade show carpet to make your display stand out from the crowd. Add some fabulous  logo mats with matching logo canopy. I think when your exhibit is unique and durable, you will surely get a lot of attention from the people.


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