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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Garage Sale Today

Today is like the big day for the people in Crescent City because it's the garage sale for the whole city. Garage sale is when the people sell stuffs that they don't need anymore at very cheap prices. Believe it or not there are so many people here that I have seen who loves buying at garage sales. Once in awhile I go. I love to check out on antique stuffs. But my husband don't like it when I'm buying other people stuffs that he referred to as junks. In a way, he has a point because that's why they're selling it because they're junk. But you never know, you might find a gem from their junk.  There are like almost one hundred families who are having garage sales today and one of them is my bestfriend. She sells a lot of new stuffs. She's a shopaholic and she has a lot of good clothes too that has still tags on it. I already went to her house last night and bought a lot of stuffs from her because I'm going to send a package to the Philippines for my sister and brothers.She sells a lot of stilettos and  had never worn them. I'm kinda excited today for her. I will go to her house early morning to help her. I hope she will do good in her garage sale.

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