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Thursday, 26 May 2011


It's been three days since I've going back and forth communicating with HP customer support center, then to my router manufacturer, then to my cable provider. It was such a pain and exhausting. The problem was, the laptop that I just bought can't connect to  my home network. I already worked with several customer representatives but nothing works. I appreciate all their patience in helping me because they were extra helpful. They are going to call me tomorrow to follow up on the status of my network connection but I decided to buy a new router instead. And finally it works. But before I buy it, I went online to check the reviews of the product that I'm going to buy. The reviews are a big help in choosing the right product. When you go online you can find helpful from different products and manufacturers such as sony tv reviews, laptop reviews and even the memory cards. That's why I'm going to submit my own review too because I want to share how thankful I am for this nice product that I just bought.

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