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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mister And Miss Independent

My three year old son  and my 21 months baby girl are now wanting to do things on their own. They want to climb the stairs on their own, eat by themselves, and put their own clothes. I have to put a sturdy step stool in their bathroom because my youngest wants to brush her teeth on her own but she's not just tall enough For six years I'm not used to this. I always have a wee one who always wanted my help. They're growing too fast. My five year old is completely independent now. She does her own homework. She knows how to read already. I guess this is the time that me and my husband has been waiting for, more time for each other. We have three toddlers and just about two years apart. Our lives has been very busy. But now since the kids are becoming more responsible and independent, we can have more time for each other. We just have to enjoy watching our kids grow as they explore each stages in life. Always there for them everytime they need us.

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