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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Good Neighbors Good Food

We are lucky for having very good neighbors. I think it's because we have many things in common.We are about the same age. Our kids are about the same age  also. We love to shop and we love to cook.My neighbors are Latinas.I'm an Asian. I love Mexican foods. They love Filipino foods. So everytime we cook our favorites we share to one another. Last week they gave us this very delicious Mexican Pozole in a pot. It was very good that even if it's spicy my kids love it. They love my eggrolls too and some of my Filipino cooking. Everytime we gained weight we jokingly blamed each other's good food. Now we're looking for the best fat burner so that we will fit on the dresses that we bought in one of the stores here who just had a 70% off sale. We shop till we drop and we need to lose weight to enjoy what we shop.

1 comment:

Mary said...

It's wonderful to have good neighbors!
I enjoy your blog.


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