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Friday, 14 January 2011

Soffe Shopping

Since I'm done shopping for myself, it's time to shop for my husband. He needs running shorts, sweaters and jackets. I went shopping at Soffe. Then I got destructed, I shop for myself again. They have many cute hoodies and  are really cheap. Buying another one for me again won't hurt :-). But I need to focused for my husband's now. He runs 5to 10 miles per day. I feel bad for him because he only got one running shorts to use. He have more than one in his drawer but he's not comfortable with them. So I shopped at Soffe's because I have read good reviews about their running shorts. I found many choices and my favorite is the one that is made with 100% lightweight nylon tricot. It has liner brief and inside key pocket. I'm sure my husband will be surprised once he got his new running shorts, and other goodies in the mail.

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