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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Get Rid Of It!

Tattoo is another way of expressing yourself. Through your choice of tattoo, people can tell who you are, what you are. What I'm saying is, it describes your passion in life. I have a good friend, she have a tattoo of " I love Jesus" at her back. It's her way of saying how she love God so much. For some people on the other hand, were very irresponsible with their choices. As soon as they fall in love by the age of 20, they put a tattoo of their girlfriend or boyfriend's name in their body. There's this girl that I know. At her back, just below her neck, she have a tattoo " property of ( her boyfriend's name ).  But now, they're separated and she hate him so much. Too bad she have a tattoo of his name. How disappointed could she be. She should start using a tattoo removal cream to at least make it fade. It won't work instantly like the laser treatment but this works if you can't afford the laser.

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