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Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Brother Is A Friend Given By Nature

My brother just turned 30 two days ago. I can't believe that he's that old already. It's as if it was just yesterday when I taught him how to write when he was in kindergarten. And I got so mad because he don't pay attention. He instead play . We end up fighting and we both got in trouble. When we were little kids we fought a lot but we can't be apart. We were sad when when we didn't see each other for a long time. In fact, we were never separated until like ten years ago, when I started working. But yeah, when I think about it just now, we are actually best friends. He is the BEST "bestfriend" I ever have. We are inseparable. We went to the same school in High School and we went to the same university in College.And we almost have the same course. He took Electrical Engineering while I chose Electronics and Communication.  He have done a lot of sacrifices for me. I remember when we don't have money. He decided to give me his allowance so that I won't miss my class. He don't care if he failed as long as it's not me. I cannot even count the things that he gave up for me. It's too many to mention. But I'm so proud of him. He's way successful than me. He became the governor of the College of Engineering when he was in the fifth year. After he graduated, he passed the EE board exam. Then now he got a good job. For his birthday I promised him hp netbooks. One of my friends will go home in the Philippines and I will have her bring it for me. God willing, by March or April, I will send him money that he can use for his plan to work abroad. I'm so proud of my brother. I thank God everyday of my life for giving him to us.

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