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Saturday, 30 October 2010

38Footer Motorhome

One of my very good friends here in Crescent city decided to go cross country. I'm excited for her. But we will surely miss her because she often go to our parties. Now that she's travelling far already, we might not be able to see her in a year. I'm just happy that she has adjusted with these new changes in her life. She has home schooled her kids already but I'm not sure if they're going to sell their beautiful house in Hiouchi. I hope not because it's a very beautiful house in a very nice location. They're driving  38Footer motor home.It's huge and so cozy and spacious in the inside.I think this cross country idea can save them more money than just staying in their house. All they need to worry the most is the motorhome repairs which is not a big deal because they have a good insurance. I'm just happy for them because they're living life to the fullest.

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