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Thursday, 2 September 2010

In With The New

According to an article that I've just read this morning, bottled water is already outdated. People are using the counter top water filters or pitcher filters. But these filters only feature a single pressed-carbon filter that merely treats as it passes through it. It's not as good as the eSpring Water Purifier . It is the latest in the water filtering system. I think it's a good investment. I realized that in my household we spent so much money in buying water bottles. Having 4 kids in the house, two cases of water are not enough for a week of supply.
Then I just learned that 40% of these bottled water were just filtered tap water. I feel like we're just throwing money. The kids don't even drink the whole bottle of water. The eSpring Water Purifier will be a big help to our financial situation. I could just imagine how much money we'll be saving.
The good thing about this purifier is that it is the first in-home system designed with a patented dual-technology cartridge which combines ultraviolet light with a proprietary carbon block that can reduce more than 140 contaminants. I love this product because as a mother, I want the best for the safety of my children. Knowing that this purifier can filter the lead, pesticides, mercury and other contaminants can really give me peace of mind.
This purifier is worth every penny because it is certified by NSF International to meet NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 55B. I would recommend this product to every household who wants the best for their family's health.

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