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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party was a success! People we invited and expected to come came. There's a lot of kids. Oh boy, my kids were just occupying the dance floor most of the time, most especially my 'lil man. He was just rockin' out there. Lee couldn't be prouder of his son. The guests adored how my kids danced and I'm so humbled. It's heartwarming when people showered you with compliments. I was overwhelmed when Dr.Gray asked me if Stephanie was the baby me and Lee were holding when we were dancing the very first Christmas party we met, and that was four years ago. He and his wife can't believe how big is Stephanie now.

That is why I love our yearly Christmas Party. We are able to catch up with friends who we haven't met for awhile. This year's party is my most favorite because it's very private, and intimate. My whole Peters family was there.It's basically a family affair, although some of my friends invited people that I haven't met before but it was cool because we were able to mingle. It's always nice to meet beautiful people.

Anyways, the party stared at 5:30and we went home a lil after ten. Some of them stayed to continue dancing but my kids were sleepy already so we need to leave.

Once again, we have proven, there's unity in friendship. This holiday season strengthened our bond ,not just as friends but as family as well.

Thank you very much to Marie for the venue,Leny for the drinks, to Nette, my BFF Jeline,Tita Maria, Tess Soule, Gina Wells for the food, to Hugh Soule and Gina Wells for the music, Ms.Ellie, Mr. Jay, Dr. Gray and Ms Fay( Gray Chiropractic) for monetary support,Erin and Mario for being there for my kids and all my friends and family who make this event a memorable one. Till next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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