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Friday, 1 May 2009

This One Is Interesting

I've already read online magazine many times but they're not as interesting as the Scrubs. The Scrubs is an online magazine that is quite more interesting than any other clinical nursing site. It's fun, interactive and and inspiring. As a nursing assistant, I love spending my free time surfing around in their website and participate in their poll and especially read interesting topics about beauty, fashion, news , health and many more. I participate in their polls . There are many polls that will attract the curiosity of the readers.One of them is about "our favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse". The choices are ;Greg Focker from the movie Meet the Parents, Carol Hathaway from ER, Carlo Espinoza from Scrubs, Cecilia Tallis from Atonement, and Margaret "Hot Lips"Houlihan from M*A*S*H. I voted for Carol Hathaway and I'm excited because she's at the top choice as of now. I've been watching ER for many years and I like her because she portrayed her role very well.
We can also share our ideas and opinions at the interesting topics in their Tip of the Jar section. I share my opinion on their "How to deal with an angry family member?" topic. They provide an interesting article about it . I experienced dealing an angry family member before tthat's why I agree with everything that was stated there. It's always a good rule of the thumb that you ask for the charge nurse to assist you in situation like this.
I really love this site and I suggest adding it to our favorites.


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