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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Stamp It Up

I spend most of my morning today paying bills. Yesterday was payday, but I wasn't able to finish all the things that I needed to do because my children wants to play outside. It was very sunny yesterday that's why it's ashamed if we'll not gonna take advantage of the weather because here in our place we don't get to see the sun often. But at least I finish all the tasks that I need to do online. One downtime for me is when I start putting stamps and labels on the envelopes but then I couldn't find it. My children sometimes messed in my drawer and play with our address labels. That's why I prefer using custom stamps now.
At Vista Print we can order stamps the way we want it. We can choose however we wanted it customized. As for me, I want it customized into three ways. A return address for my husband , for me and for both of us. We have separate bills as in credit cards. A customized label with both our names on it is good for sending thank you notes, birthday cards and invitations. It's also perfect when putting your name on an important documents. I think using custom stamps will save us time and money. It saves us time instead of looking around for the labels and it's economical because we can use them many times.
You can order custom stamp at Vista Print in small and large sizes and they have a wide variety of design templates you can choose to suit your needs. You can have it your name only, or your name or address, and any design you want it. Uniquely, you can also add your own logo and even your own photo. How cool is that. After you upload your own design Vista print will print it for you. Unlike other sites, uploading your logo or photo only take seconds. They have tools to help you achieve an excellent image resolution.
For busy moms like me, custom stamps will help me a lot in organizing my stuff and personalizing my important documents. Give it a try. It's worth it.

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