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Friday, 3 April 2009

Hard Work

According to Thomas Alva Edison, " There is no substitute of hard work". This famous quotation reminds me of Mr. John Vanhara, owner of XYZ bikes. He sells bikes such as California beach cruisers, chopper cruiser, classic cruisers and many more. On how he started his business is very inspiring. It started when he was trying to buy bike at a cheaper price. He realized that it would cost him less if he buy more. Just like other stores, it's always cheaper by the dozen. For 150 bikes, he will gonna get a good deal so he goes for it. He got his bike and sold the rest online within a month. His website, the is improving monthly especially in sales and then finally he has his showroom and warehouse to let the customers check and buy the bikes personally.
John Vanhara works hard for his business that he personally check the bikes and make sure they will satisfy his customers. He has plenty of ideas to make the customers buy his bikes.Besides the good quality, he also offers a lot of discounts and promotions.
If you love bikes , check out and take advantage of the following coupon code to get a good deal.
Coupon: 5OFFXPP.
The coupon is valid for 2 months only and customers will get an additional $5.
Bike models are affordable . Many models are around $100 only!
Shipping in California is about $20. Nationwide shipping $25-$45.

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