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Monday, 20 April 2009


Our weather is 81 degree F, Mister Sunshine is showing up and smiling so I take this opportunity to wash our delicate that needs to be hand wash. Whew, I have a lot. I was exhausted when I was done. But I'm happy that I finally did it. Those clothes were in the hamper for awhile. I tried washing one of my delicate clothes in the washing machine one time, even if it's on a delicate cycle, but it still destroy the dress a lil bit. That's why now I'm handwashing them whenever I got the chance.


Blogger Rise said...

surely very hot there

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Gin... Kmuzta. I'm glad your enjoying the sun with your beautiful kids. It was hot here in brookings yesterday and the other few days. I was able to sunbathe and feel sleepy in the chair. I get a little bit dark now heheheh. Day, charing lang tong akong beauty secret hehehheh. anywayz, have fun and enjoy the beautiful day. 'til then. regards



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