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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Batik Collection

Since I was young, I've been mesmerized by the rich beauty of any products that are made of batik. They are so colorful and fashionable. That's why I have my own collection of different apparel that are made of batik. Some of them I had for more than 15 years already. Some of those I've used during cultural presentations in the school. Me and my mom used to check stores who are selling batik products to see if there's new style available. They are also good for souvenirs. When my husband visited me in the Philippines for the first time, he bought batik products as presents for his loved ones here in the states. Now that, I'm here in the states with him already, I missed buying batik products. I brought quite a few batik dresses and I got good compliments about them.
I'm jazzed when I found a Batik store online called the Kraf Online. They have a wide collection of batik products that are sold at very reasonable prices.

This is a batik shirt for men I found in their store. It has a very nice detail on it which I'm sure will impressed my husband.

Batik_shoe This beautiful batik sandal is perfect for formal and casual occasions. The details will surely keep your fashion step up a notch higher. This is even very comfortable to wear everyday.

It is really very remarkable for Kraf Online for putting up an online store for batik products. I think it's a great convenience for people like me who loves batik. We can just shop around at their site and buy the item that we want instead of waiting till we go the Philippines again or other Asian countries. It's very heartwarming that they promote the beauty of Asian products and by putting up a batik blog to promote awareness about batik.

If you like to add more to your batik collection or try batik product for the first time, head over to Kraf Online and get a 10% discount for all purchases by using the code : crafty. You will also get a free gift if you purchase $50 and above.



mothercares said...

Hi . I like the sandal

psycha said...

Nice for gift giving


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