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Friday, 20 March 2009

How Secured Are You?

I have a friend who's over 60 years old already. Because of her physical condition, having through a lot of surgeries she wasn't able to keep on working until 66 years old. I heard that she wasn't able to get her full social security benefits. Even though she worked until 62 years old but still she wasn't able to avail medicare which is very sad because she has some illnesses that requires continous medical attention. That's why she just decided to retire in the Philippines.
The right age to be able to get full benefits is 66 years old. If you have children under 18 years old when you start receiving benefits, they will also receieve benefits. I hope the present economic crises won't cause any negative changes on the benefits because there are some speculations that the social security benefits will fall short.
Even though my husband won't retire yet but he already plan to keep on working until he's 66 years old so that he's sure that he will be able to support our children's education thus giving them a brighter future. Retirement is a nice word but I don't think it doesn't mean anything anymore most especially if you don't planned it well.

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ForestAddy said...

I agree. My husband and I use to take about retiring in the Philippines but of course not at the moment. his only 37 years old. It's great to hear about retiring to a place and be with each and enjoying the fruit of labor.


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