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Saturday, 7 March 2009


Few years from now, my husband would retire from his job, by that time he'll just be dependent on his retirement money or monthly pension. But he doesn't planned on to stop working completely. We had discussed that we have to invest our money carefully. When my uncle retired as a ComElec Officer, he invested his money in rental properties that's why I'm encouraged to do the same thing too. Rental properties for me is a good business because people always need a place to live in. We just have to find a good place where we are confident that the business will be successful and make a good plan for the business and ask for property professionals like the Real Property Management to guide us through the rental business process.

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! visiting again your pretty website and i got your message. Thanks for you for responding with me. yep i met some of the filipinos here in our area and i got some few friends who live here in Brookings. We have met also before in the Fil-Am party last December and youd said hi to me. Still remember me? Regards


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