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Friday, 6 February 2009


Oh well,I've been blogging for awhile already and compensated fairly. I pretty much enjoyed my earnings but you know here in the states everything that you earned will be taxed. So being a responsible resident tax payer :-). I submitted my W-9 already. I wish my earnings will not cause a big difference in our return. Because I noticed that the higher income you got the lower your return, most especially if you don't have dependents. My husband only have an average salary but sometimes due to his overtimes, it will put on a different tax bracket but at least we got a return. I just feel bad for those people who who worked hard but didn't any return at all and most of the times they owe money instead. Here's the comparison, I have a friend who owed more than $40,000 in the IRS, they have some investments and no dependents that's why. And another friend of mine whose husband is just earning at a minimum wage, they're on the welfare but they got a huge tax return, well they have 3 children and guess what they're going to buy a sports car. Oh Im jealous!!hehe , but hey I'm so jazzed for them.
Just sounds unfair to me. Because working people are taxed so high and they don't get any kind of benefits compared to people who who doesn't work or low income. But of course I don't blame the low earners. I'm pretty sure they don't choose that. But I've heard about some people here who preferred to stay home especially if they have children and just depend on the welfare or any grants they will get because of their clan or something. And then you see them drunk and using dope most of the times. I'm sure you pretty heard about this. I'm just sharing my frustration for this kind of people. And there are some, they could always get a free education but not interested and here were , so much wanting to go to school, but almost or sometimes can't afford it because it's very expensive plus the daycare plus the high cost of health insurance. I keep on wondering why we don't pay copay every time I bring my children to the clinic? I checked my husband's pay stub, our insurance premium went high again. Oh lala. OH well, that's life. But we're okay, we're just an average family but we're able to meddle through it all. That's because we practise living within our means. It's kinda hard living that way but it does give you peace of mind.

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