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Thursday, 22 January 2009


Boy, I just finished cleaning the bedrooms. I couldn't believe how my toddlers able to make a mess in a short period of time but it took me forever to clean them up.I'm so exhausted right now. I was so pissed with my daughter that I have her pick up all the mess in her bedroom.She was upset because I shouted at her. She cried telling me to stop shouting. But I was really pissed already.I'm tired picking after their mess. After we cleaned the bedrooms I took a break and watched a couple of shows in ABS CBN then I took a shower then the children have their bath. While their taking a bath I'm writing here, of course I'm in the bathroom with them. So after here, I'll get them dress and we will eat lunch. I can't wait to eat my fried fish with tomatoes and soy sauce plus a Sprite with a bunch of ice. The kids will have fruits for lunch, it depends if they feel like eating rice. I will cook Chicken Tinola for dinner. It's one of their favorites.

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Amor said...

Hello Gina,kmusta ang buntis?kisses sa imo mga chikitings.


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