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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Shopping Plans

Yehey, in three weeks we're off to Sacramento or Medford, either of the two. But our priority is going to Sacramento so I will keep in touch with my classmate and good friend in high school. We haven't seen each other for over ten years. We've talked on the phone many times already but it would be great that we will see each other so we could take pictures and share them to our other classmates. My hubby suggested that I could go shopping with her during the blackfriday. Yeah, after thanksgiving sale is my favorite. That's the time that I shop till I drop because the prices are all discounted. I fact I already entered my email ad in so that I will know the best deals from my favorite stores. I'm going to buy GPS Navigation System for my car from Walgreen because they have the cheaper deal so far. I have a long list already for the things I need to buy during the after thanksgiving sale. I will definitely buy a laptop at Circuit City. My hubby will buy one for his shop. And of course the clothing for my kids. My friend told me that we're going to go the outlet because there's a lot of designer brands there. She told me that the prices would drop as low as $2 in Old Navy, Gap and other stores that sell children's apparel. Of course we're both going to check out the Coach outlet, hoping we could buy another purse at a very low price.
Buying during after thanksgiving sale will really save us a lot of money. That's why right now, I kinda limit my spending habit because I'm saving my cash for that day.

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Amor said...

Ako Gin,ing-ana man ko palit ko clothes mostly sale time kay makasave man gyd dba.Bayad pa baya ko sa utang nako nmo :)guso ko tawag sa imoha about sa balikbaan box,ingna baya ko kanus-a ka padala ha.


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