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Monday, 27 October 2008


We often heard the saying " payback is a b****h". It is really sometimes.
My hubby went to the corner market to buy beer. On the way, he followed a vehicle running lower than the speed limit of 40mph. He's annoyed. So he tailgated. The driver pullover to yield for him. He then realized that the driver was a lady in her 70s. The lady looked at him in the eyes. Looking annoyed and flick the bird on him. My husband was surprised with what what the woman just did. When he told me. I laugh out loud, told him that he deserved it. Me, myself hate tailgaters. I don't tailgate either.


ZJ said...

Hi Gina... thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

I can relate to you on this driving incident. I don't drive, my husband does, and he often gets headaches like this when driving around Phnom Penh.

Can I add your blog to my links list?

Marie said...

Hi! thank you for your comment. sorry for the late reply! careful always!


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