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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Denim Clearance Sale

Denim doesn't go out of fashion that's why no matter how many you have to stock, you don't need to worry because you can wear them through the years. Imagine if I'm not mistaken, wide leg trousers are used to be the in thing 8+ years ago. Now it's back and I just bought one and I super love it. I love to stock up on denim that's why I'm glad that I've found Heavenly Couture Site at They have a huge collection of Cheap Jeans and designer clothing at very low prices. All their denim are on sale for only $13.80 and the rest are $17.95 or less.
Here are some of the pieces that I've put in my shopping cart already

This is a Cinched Bottom Black Sleeveless Tunic with Jeweled Neckline. Very stylish and I can wear this with my skinny jean that I just bought or I can wear it alone as a mini dress.Sexy!
This one is a Bejeweled Black Trapeze Jersey Dress perfect for an evening party. I will probably wear during our Christmas Party. This simple but elegant and stylish.
This is the best deal ever. only $13.80. Imagine 93% off from the original price. This is a 3GR Designer Dar Wash, cropped leg denim jeans. And this will work great for me as a regular pant :-).
It's always nice to find good deals like these. Sometimes, price doesn't matter, it's how you carry it.

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